A training at Fisk University and your motivation: an unstoppable combination


They are icons of science, art, civil rights, literature, education, journalism, business, politics, social science and more.

They created opportunities for African Americans and women through education, invented a device to control the pacemaker, were featured in some of the world’s most famous museums, raised voices in Congress, and have won Pulitzer Prizes. Historians call them the greatest men and women of their century.

Their alma mater? Fisk University.

One of America’s foremost Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), Fisk University has an illustrious history stretching back 150 years. Her top priority, as always, is the success of her students. His list of notable alumni include world-renowned scholar WEB DuBois, civil rights lawyer Ida B. Wells and former US Secretary of Energy Hazel O. Leary.

It is precisely for this reason that senior political science student Jesus Murillo is at Fisk University.

“I chose Fisk to continue the legacy that so many former Fisk students have created. I knew Fisk would be the best place to develop my talents academically and personally to their true potential, ”he said.

Source: Fisk University

“Fisk taught me more about myself than I could have imagined.”

Fisk University is an elite HBCU. It is ranked sixth among HBCUs, according to US News and World Report, and is the oldest institution of higher education in Nashville, Tennessee. Last year it was ranked third best university in the state for placement, ahead of Vanderbilt University. For all these distinctions, it is also the most affordable.

What can Fisk University do for your future?

Private higher education is a big investment. By calculating the numbers, Fisk college degrees are the best possible investment in your future.

Data provides proof. Classes are small – the pupil / teacher ratio is 12: 1. Each student receives personalized attention. The average student GPA is 3.25.

Forty percent of Fisk University students are involved in corporate internships. Many have since moved on to permanent positions. Murillo lists a prestigious internship at the Tennessee General Assembly in his CV. Other Fiskites now work for some of the biggest companies in the world like Google, Microsoft, UBS, McDonald’s Corp, Apple, Deloitte, JP Morgan, McKinsey & Company and Nissan.

Extraordinary partnerships with these leading companies across the country make these remarkable results possible. All majors, including humanities and social sciences, can get these internships. The university’s career planning and development office and dedicated faculty members are there to guide you through your journey.

Research pleads in favor of indisputable internships. The results show that students with internship experience are more likely to pass interviews, earn higher wages, and are less likely to be unemployed. Many also get better grades.

With academic success and career prospects in mind, Fisk University has sent many students on these transformative paths.

Last summer, 12 computer science graduates interned at Google headquarters in Silicon Valley. In the Data Science and Bioinformatics major, students will benefit from internships and permanent placements with Asurion, Amazon, and Alliance Bernstein to name a few.

Another unique partnership with the nation’s number one law firm, Cravath, Swaine & Moore, allows Fisk pre-law students to complete summer internships in New York. For those who prefer to stay in Nashville, they can intern with Bass, Berry & Sims as well as Butler Snow. On top of that, an intensive program with Kaplan, to prepare for LSAT and GRE.

For music and the arts, students can look forward to not only living in the “city of music” but also resources and opportunities to advance to managerial positions in fine arts and museums. The university’s partnership with Yale and Crystal Bridges is nationally known, and many graduates proudly say they have worked with some of the country’s leading arts institutions.

Opportunities – Talent – Support: All of these attract more and more ambitious students to Fisk every year.

Fisk University

Source: Fisk University

The result is a substantial and continued expansion of course offerings in its WEB Du Bois general university specialization program. The standards are high and his mentoring program intense.

Sessions with external speakers – from CEOs to government officials and university leaders – are frequent. So are the incentives to apply for conferences, study abroad opportunities, and prestigious awards like Rhodes and Fulbright. Such support can be profound. Last year, the university had two Rhodes Scholar finalists.

According to University Provost Vann Newkirk: Fisk University competes with the most elite universities in the country because of its deep dedication to student success and achievement. Join the Fisk family today and start your future here.

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