Action by education body on ‘reprehensible’ issue of private university


The question in the BA freshman paper asked students about “Hindutva-fascism”. (Representative)

New Delhi:

The University Grants Commission (UGC) on Monday asked Sharda University for a report on an “objectionable” question it posed during an exam on the similarities between Hindutva and fascism.

The higher education regulator has asked the Greater Noida-based private university to explain in the detailed action report the steps it has taken to ensure that such incidents do not happen again in the country. ‘coming.

“It was noticed that the students objected to the question and filed a complaint with the university. Needless to say, asking such a question to the students is against the spirit and philosophy of our country, which is known for its inclusiveness and homogeneity and such questions have not been asked,” UGC said in a statement to Sharda University.

The question on political science (with distinction) in the first year dissertation of the bachelor’s degree asked students about “Hindutva-fascism”. The seven-point question read: “Do you find any similarities between Fascism/Nazism and the Hindu Right (Hindutva)? Elaborate with arguments. After the question paper went viral on social media platforms, the university formed a three-member committee to “examine the possibility of bias in the questions.”

In a statement on Saturday, he said the committee found the question objectionable and that for the purposes of the evaluation, it could be disregarded by the evaluators.

The university also issued a show cause notice to the faculty member who drafted the questionnaire.


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