Announcement of those entitled to Izmir Metropolitan University Education Support

Announcement of those entitled to Izmir Metropolitan University Education Support

In line with the vision of equal opportunities in education of the Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Tunç Soyer, the winners of the educational support to be given to children of 5 families in need have been announced. Students must submit their documents on “” by 7:23:59 PM on November XNUMX.

The results of the educational support that the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality will provide to children of 5,000 needy families residing in the city and studying at the university were announced on 18,000 of the 56,000 5 applicants were eligible for assistance.

5,000 students eligible for assistance must download the necessary documents on the same page until 7:23:59 pm on November 200. For the first step, an amount over three months of 2 lire will be deposited into the bank accounts of students who have no problem with their documents and who meet the criteria for success. The second part of the support of 2022 thousand lire will be paid in 400. Thus, a total of 3,200 lire of support will be provided, XNUMX lire per month.

According to what criteria was the examination carried out?

His family’s residence is in Izmir, and associate or undergraduate students, aged 18 to 25 with limited financial means, who are active and receive formal education, have had the right to apply for help from the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Education. . The application also required that the student’s grade point average be at least 4 out of 2.00, at least 100 out of 53, and not to repeat a year. Studying at a state university or studying at a foundation university with a 100% scholarship was also part of the application requirements. The Department of Social Services and the Department of Social Projects of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality accepted requests for educational assistance for one student from each household.


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