Darboe promises free university education –


By Mustapha Jarju

Lawyer Ousainou Darboe, leader of the United Democratic Party, has promised free university education if he is elected president in December.

Speaking at a rally in the Upper River area, he said: “Any kid from grades 1 through 12 and college without scholarship, my first 5 years of government will be to get money for them to have free university education and Arabic educational schools (Majilis) will not be left out either as they play a major role in the educational sector of the country, this is part of our plan.

“My government will eradicate irregular migration to alleviate the number of lives lost in the Mediterranean Sea to Europe or other parts of the world. All of our young people are leaving the country using a boat that sinks in the ocean with the hope that they will go to Europe to find work (but have died at sea) we do not bury them as we should. They look for work when they look at their papers and realize that they are nationals of other countries, it becomes another problem for them, ”he said.

According to him, “if you want to become a plumber, and baking is what we want to bring to the country so that if young people complete their training the government will have a budget so that they can have material to explore their talent. In this case, the government will not ask for any profit, except for the service charge which will not exceed 3%.

He also said his government would strengthen livestock management, buying sheep and cattle from other countries and importing them to The Gambia for sale.

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