Death of Gabbie Jonas Omaha and obituary, Saint Louis University student Gaby Jonas Omaha dies


Death of Gaby Jonas Omaha, student at Saint Louis University

Gabbie Jonas Obituary, Not an Obituary – Gabrielle “Gabbie” Jonas of Omaha, Nebraska passed away unexpectedly on Saturday, March 5, 2022 at the age of 24. The cause of death has not been disclosed and his cause of death is unknown.

On June 6, 1997, Michael and Karen welcomed Gabriel into the world. She attended Marian High School, St. James/Seton School, Drake University and St. Louis University. She will receive her MHA from SLU in May 2022. She has a fellowship at Children’s Hospital and she wants to start labor in July.

Family and loved ones have posted tributes and condolences on various social media platforms. Robert Maddox shared on social media via Facebook;

My daughter Sarah Maddox had the pleasure of playing with this amazing young lady for 3 years. Sarah looked up to Gabi, and they quickly developed a wonderful, close friendship on and off the pitch. Sarah and Gabi have formed a great 2-3 team during these 3 wonderful and special years. Sarah was devastated and our whole family was heartbroken. Gabby Jonas is one of the greatest players around and she will forever be in our Drake Hall of Fame for her incredible skills and leadership on and off the court. The family will always remember her for her kindness and friendship with newcomers far from home.

Our prayers are with the family and loved ones of Gabbie Jonas.


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