Emory University student, COVID-19 staff recall requirements


Students and staff will soon need their COVID-19 booster shots at Emory University in Atlanta.

ATLANTA – Students and staff at Emory University may experience arm pain as a result of a new school requirement. Everyone is required to receive their COVID-19 booster shots in the coming days, Emory President Gregory L. Fenves said in a statement on Thursday.

Students will need to upload their reminder documentation to the school’s student health portal starting December 20. However, faculty and staff will be required to complete online forms through the school’s Emory Forward to attest to their recall status as of January 6.

Whether working for or studying at the school, all students, faculty and staff have a tight deadline. Everyone will need to check their COVID-19 booster vaccination status by January 19. Those who have already received a vaccine exemption will have their exemptions extended for the booster.

“With over 97% of students, faculty and staff currently vaccinated, we have kept our campus healthy. Fenves said in a press release. “The recall is the next step in an evolving public health strategy that has enabled us to adapt to each new development in the pandemic to continue the learning, teaching and discovery that defines Emory.”

To receive the booster, those who have received the Johnson and Johnson COVID-19 vaccine will have to wait two months before receiving their booster shots. During this time, users of Pfizer and Moderna vaccines will have to wait a full six months before receiving their booster shots.

The president of Emory also had a suggestion for those who still needed to be vaccinated.

“I encourage you to make an appointment for your booster injection during the winter break.” Fenves said. “There will be a lot less going on in Emory over the next few weeks and I hope you can find a good day to get the COVID-19 booster.”


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