Faith and Healing Form a Student Art Exhibit at Brock University


With art exhibitions in short supply for the past two years due to the pandemic, two Brock University students are making their gallery time count.

A month-long combined exhibition by students Richard Irvine and Marcel Grimard which began in January continues at the university’s visual arts gallery until Saturday. The gallery is located at the Marilyn I. Walker School of Fine and Performing Visual Arts in downtown St. Catharines.

Half of Irvine’s show, titled “Impact,” is an exploration of the healing and recovery he’s gone through after trauma and injury in his life.

“As a survivor, I have always wanted to understand the impact and mechanics of traumatic brain injury with reference to traumatic brain injury healing and the process of progression,” he says. “I found the visual art gallery allowed me to really look at her as if I was going through my own mind on her journey.

“This journey is important through different periods of healing and has given me a voice to tell my story. Maybe it will help others to keep moving forward – wherever their front is.

Grimard’s half, “Mercury Is Also a Metal,” uses mercury to explore abstract themes of identity, fluidity, and unpredictability.

“My exhibit is about six years of exploring with different media,” he says. “In this retrospective, I hope to find my artistic voice and share my approach with visitors to the exhibition.

“My curiosity is my driving force and my training is continuous. Art enables emotional recycling, neutralizing trauma to reach a universal audience. This exhibition is about hope, self-confidence and faith in a better future.

Gallery hours are 1 to 5 p.m. The gallery is located at 15 Artists’ Common.


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