GB News’ Patrick Christys rages over ‘absurd’ push for college education | United Kingdom | News


GB News’ Patrick Christys launched into a furious rant about education and the push towards college. As thousands of children across the country opened their A-level results, Mr Christys argued there were more ways to succeed than just going to college. He pointed out that those who go there could face significant debt when they could find other ways to be financially secure in other careers.

Mr Christys said: “Children have been taught that if you don’t go to university you are a failure.

“That’s absolute nonsense.”

“University is not for everyone and we need to stop stigmatizing people who don’t want to go.

“It’s far from a lack of intelligence, far from it, in fact, it might be the smartest thing you do.

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“At 18 you can go get a job, work hard, you’re debt-free, and by 21 you might even have started your own business and put up a bond for a house.

“That’s a pretty smart move if you ask me.”

Mr Christys insisted that young people can take multiple paths to success without universities.

He said: “I’m certainly not calling for the return of the secondary modern high school system.

He ended with a message to all the young people who would receive the exam results today.

He said: “I have a message for all those young adults today, opening up their A-level results.

“If that’s not going your way, fine, don’t accept the myth that you have to go to college to be successful.

“You’ll be fine, in fact, you could be even better.”


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