Kalonzo reveals his plan for free university education if elected president


Speaking in an interview with Radio Jambo on Wednesday, September 1, 2021, he explained that he has an improved economy and that eliminating corruption will provide the necessary resources.

He sympathized with Kenyan parents who are struggling to afford tuition, plus students who cannot join Form One.

Party leader Wiper recalled that as Minister of Education he defended the welfare of students and even abolished corporal punishment in schools.

I am on the front line to ensure that there is free secondary education and at university level I do not understand why HELB charges interest. I am a former student of the University of Nairobi and if you look at the hostels in which the students live, they are deplorable and unacceptable.

Free secondary education and towards free university education. These are things we have talked about. Our resources become readily available through exploration for oil and other hydrocarbons … if this economy is the lifeblood of our region, with good management and getting rid of corruption, Kenyans will see wonders“, explained Kalonzo.

He added that by taking power, he would impose a moratorium on corrupt individuals to give up ill-gotten wealth or face the law.

Tutawapatia wote ambao watahusishwa na ufisadi miezi sita kurejesha hizo hela ama washikwe kisheria… Suala la ufisadi ni la muhimu na ndio maana ninataka sisi tufanye mapinduzi si mabadiliko…Kalonzo expressed.

He also said he would establish a 24-hour economy with three 8-hour shifts to encourage people to do business even at night.

Wakenya wasikate tamaa. Mambo ni magumu hasa kipindi hiki cha COVID-19 ila yatakuwa mazuri tutakapochukua uongozi,“, He assured.

The former vice-president said that in the past, when he was a member of Bunge FC, he had already scored a goal against German MPs in a match that was played at midnight.

He added that Kenyan youth have also expressed a desire to do business all night long and said he would allow midnight market days if he votes to become president in 2022.


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