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  • Lois Bailey is a student at Winneba University of Education (UEW), who practices painting
  • The Ghanaian designer is looking to run her own business, which she calls The young lady painter
  • Bailey recently told about his job, school, challenges and plans.

Lois Bailey is an adventurous student at Winneba University of Education, advancing in a male-dominated profession as a creative female painter.

Despite the challenges she faced during her young career, she is determined to break down barriers and become one of Ghana’s most beloved painters.

Some of her clients undermine and underestimate her judgment and expertise because of her gender, but she is eager to exceed expectations for herself.

Meet the UEW student combining her university studies and her work as a painter Photo credit: Lois Bailey
Source: Facebook

Become a painter

Lois’ decision to pick up the paintbrush and spruce up homes was inspired by her father. She attributes her quest to pursue a career in the field led by men to her father, who is in construction.

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Although her father is her greatest inspiration, she has a desire to find her own path in life as well as motivate others with her talent.

With the brand name, The young lady painter, which she intends to unveil soon, Lois will position herself as a force in the building and construction sector.

” I want my work to speak for itself, ” she said in a recent interview. And that would be his response to opponents, including clients who underestimate his capabilities.


Lois Bailey’s story is interesting because she is a 400-level student at Winneba University of Education, pursuing a bachelor’s degree in teaching English. She studied general arts at the Lycée Winneba.

Although her graduation and high school education weren’t directly related to painting, Lois says she was exhibited by her father, which made the transition easier.

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“ My father is in construction and he had a lot of influence on me when he became a painter. My other brother didn’t want to go his way, so I made the decision to do it, ”she said. And she is determined to succeed.

Social media initiative

Determined to succeed, she recently took advantage of the surprise challenge insider on Facebook group, Tell It All.

Lois offered to paint three houses for their owners in Accra at no cost. Those interested would only cover his transport to get started in the gesture.

With her post, she gained popularity online and caught the attention of, leading to a conversation about her work, her challenges as a female painter and her projects.

Future plans

Lois, who is in her twenties, is considering launching her brand, The Demoiselle Painter, and develop in the future to attract more customers.

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She revealed that she was studying another artist to learn drawing in order to have an advantage over regular painters. The goal is to become a creative painter who adds value to her work.

Advice to young women

Loise urged women, especially girls, not to buy into the idea of ​​painting being a male-dominated field, saying they could make more money in male-led professions.

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