Mum alleges daughter was denied college degree sponsorship due to SGH nursing shortage


The mother of a polytechnic student with a degree bond appealed to Singapore General Hospital after her daughter was denied university sponsorship to pursue nursing studies with NUS/SIT.

In an email to TISG, the student’s mother, Madame Teo, wrote: “E* performed well in his full three years with NYP with a minimum grade of 3.2 each semester and not once scored anything below. I’m sure SGH is aware of this because she received extra payments for her good academic performance. Last year, E was also awarded the Edusave merit scholarship, awarded by the deputy of my field, Mr. Baey YK, in recognition of his position in the 25% of the cohort.

“SGH has contacted me to inform me that the reason for my daughter’s rejection is that SGH is short of manpower and would like all nursing students graduating from the polytechnic to start working to help make in the face of labor shortages, she added.

TISG has contacted SGH to verify the details as although Mdm Teo believes her daughter was not allowed to convert her diploma scholarship into a university scholarship due to SGH manpower shortage, the full reasons are unknown.

Mdm Teo explained that her daughter signed a hospital bond during her first year with Ngee Ann Polytechnic. The bond would begin after completing her degree and last for three years as a 2 staff nurse.

However, due to a personal experience where Mdm Teo could not get the job she wanted in a hospital due to lack of college degree, she wanted her daughter to pursue a degree as well.

But when E asked SGH to convert his degree sponsorship to a college degree sponsorship, the hospital refused, citing a labor shortage and stating that they wanted E to start working with them instead. to pursue studies.

According to Mdm Teo, the hospital also offered her two options for her daughter.

1. That E could defer the link with SGH and pursue a degree that would be self-funded,


2. Begin to work with SGH according to the bond and apply again later for his university studies to be sponsored.

Mdm Teo said she wanted her daughter to get a degree in nursing because it would mean she would immediately start working with a higher position of nurse 1 instead of nurse 2. She also added that she did not want her child to start working and then apply to study as the situation may not be the same as for him to study, she said.

“As a parent, this breaks my heart. My child with good academic results had to give up his university dream just because the hospital has a manpower problem. Will this be at the expense of the child? Isn’t his future important at all?

I don’t know how many other nursing students are facing (sic) the same problem as my daughter. The reason given by SGH is simply unreasonable and irresponsible. As a parent, their response is totally unacceptable,” says Mdm Teo.

At the time of this writing, the family had written to SGH to defer the start of E’s work so that she could pursue a self-funded university education. However, the family is still awaiting a response from SGH regarding their appeal to convert their degree sponsorship to degree sponsorship.

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TISG contacted SGH on March 14 at 6:17 p.m. and March 16 at 4:48 p.m. via email. There has been no response from SGH at the time of writing.

UPDATE: Responding to questions from TISG at 2:32 p.m. on March 18, Ms Tan Yang Noi, Director of Human Resources at Singapore General Hospital, said:

“SGH offers a myriad of learning and training opportunities for its employees, including nurses, to grow and develop. These could, for example, take the form of sponsorships, scholarships and scholarships for those who wish to continue their studies. Applicants must, however, meet the eligibility criteria for their application to be considered.

With respect to PDPA, we are unable to release details of Ms. E*’s application. We have been in contact with Mrs E* and her mother, to discuss and explain the result of her application. We understand that they have made a decision regarding Mrs. E*’s educational efforts, and we wish her the best. /TISG

*E – Name redacted to protect confidentiality

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