New York University student hit by stray bullet in Brooklyn, school says


STATEN ISLAND, NY – A New York University student was hit and injured by a stray bullet in Brooklyn in broad daylight at the bustling MetroTech Center.

Although the victim was not the target of the gunfire, the school is seeking to strengthen security on its Brooklyn campus, according to the university statement.

Shots were fired around 3 p.m. outside Tuesday at the MetroTech Center, home to the NYU Tandon School of Engineering, according to a statement on the university’s website.

“Our understanding is that the shooting is the result of a dispute that has arisen elsewhere in the vicinity,” the university statement said. “A passerby, a NYU student who was standing outside in MetroTech Square, was injured by a stray bullet or a ricochet.”

The injured student went to one of the school buildings where he was taken care of by rescuers and then taken to hospital.

“Our understanding is that the injuries were not life threatening and the individual did not pass out,” the university said.

The university contacted the student’s family and sent staff to the hospital to offer support to the victim.

After police cleared the area, members of the NYU community in the MetroTech area resumed normal activities.

“We are deeply concerned for the welfare of the injured student; the thoughts of the NYU community are with him, as we sincerely wish his injuries were not too serious and that his recovery be speedy, ”the university statement read.

“The University is also concerned about the occurrence of a shooting so close to one of our buildings. We will discuss with the city police authorities about the episode and what can be done to improve security in the area. “


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