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SALISBURY — Salisbury’s Quson Brown brings his passion to Appalachian State University as student body president.

Brown, 24, was motivated from his time as president of Salisbury Youth Council to be part of something bigger than himself. After graduating from Salisbury High School in 2016, he enlisted in the navy for five years to serve as a non-commissioned officer. It was rolled out to East Africa in 2020.

“There I learned that there are no big fish in small ponds,” he said. “You all work together to achieve a common goal. Everyone does a certain thing, but no one is better or more important than another person.

After being discharged from the Navy, Brown earned his Associate of Arts degree in 2020 before transferring to Appalachia State for his bachelor’s degree in public administration.

He says his admiration for municipal governments motivated him to pursue a career in municipal management. The difference between a community feeling welcomed and also feeling wanted was something he wanted to bring to the Appalachian State student body.

Brown, now in his second year at college, joined the Veterans Association and the Student Senate. He was surprised when the Appalachian Board of Trustees asked him to run in the upcoming student body president election. His first reaction to the proposal was “no”.

“I wasn’t looking for power, ambitions or anything like that. They said they saw my compassion and care for the students and the university, and that’s what I want for them,” Brown said.

Thanks to his experience of working as a team and the importance of each individual being heard, preparations for his Democratic campaign began in November, just before the winter break. Targeted goals included improving university transportation, increasing student participation in politics, and improving campus sustainability. The campaign ran from February 10 to February 18, the closing date for voting. He was elected student body president on February 20.

Brown worked with his branch to pass a bill to amend North Carolina’s general bylaws to allow student presidents of the University of North Carolina Association of Student Governments to serve as members. full voting member of the Board of Governors. If elected, he will represent the 250,000 students in the UNC system.

Brown says he admires local municipal governments. While at Salisbury Youth Council, their job was to engage more students in the city of Salisbury and educate them about local government. Once he gets his bachelor’s degree, Brown plans to earn his master’s degree in public administration before pursuing a career as a city manager.

Along with Student Body Vice President Alejandro Barreto, their slogan “Community Driven, People Oriented” reflects the progressive change they lead to make in the Appalachian State University community. Their plan revolves around involving students as individuals to feel wanted and at home while taking the next step in life.

By implementing financial literacy, Brown and Baretto plan to advance student success by improving conditions to encourage student employment. Their goal is to represent students transparently and to be an inclusive student government organization. The SGA also plans to ensure that student health needs are met through improved nutrition on campus and that mental health needs are met.

Follow Brown’s campaign on Instagram @brownbarreto2022.


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