The 3-step formula to wealth – especially if you’re just starting out


  1. Broke? To get a job – I have seen many young people who are still fed by their parents or unable to fully support themselves, sit down and believe in the power of this “one idea” that will take them to the top from day to day. the following day. They sit all day, plan, dream, plan again, dream again, rehearse. They bounce back to reality through hunger as they get up to drink their garri in peace.

Know this and know peace – it takes abilities to build abilities. It takes resources to make dreams come true. You can’t be at level 5 and daydream about an “idea” that will push you to level 100 overnight. Are people lucky with such, yes, they do. They have an outlier of 1%. The reason people do this most of the time is because people don’t want to follow due process. So they cling to the thought of that “big idea, business or plan” that they think will take them to the top overnight. If you want predictability in your life, less preventable pain and injury, practice that.

Get those small wins because they catapult you into the big wins. And when the time for big things came, you would have gathered the resources, the knowledge to take advantage of it. ”You don’t blow, you grow”

So apply for that job, do that little business that brings those little wins. It’s all part of the growth process.

2.Learn a high income skill: The second category of people in the wealth triangle are those who already have a job or are already engaged in a side business. People would say they would save on these jobs to start a business. For C-level employees, this would be easy to achieve. However, for most young people, who are in entry-level positions with a minimum salary that is barely enough for their upkeep, this is not the best advice. How long will you be working before you can save something tangible from a low-paying job to start a business?

Do this instead – from the money earned from that job or side business, pay and learn a high income skill. While there are many good skills in this digital world, technology and digital skills have proven to be the most flexible, have a low barrier to entry, and are highly rewarding. Learn high-income digital skills such as programming, SEO, social media and Google ads, email marketing, and more.

PS: Affiliate marketing is NOT a digital marketing skill is just an online business model. You are welcome to comment below.

3. Start a daily income business: With the money earned from your high income skills, start a side business, mainly a side business that earns money on a daily basis. Understand this, once you start making money, the goal should be to stabilize your income. A system that makes money monthly, where you are well enough to pursue your greatest goals. Most of the time people get stuck at level 2, where they see money and then hope to take the magic leap from there. This is why people miss important opportunities that require little funding because they don’t have the systems in place to help them grow in what they pursue. Stabilize your income with a side business before looking for big deals.

As the holy book says, wisdom is profitable to lead. If your old tactic isn’t producing the results you expect, it’s time to try something new. People often underestimate what they can do in 4 years and overestimate what they can do in 6 months. Depending on where you are, start from there and grow. Still looking to dodge the process? ….


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