University education: “The CIEGE strengthens the notoriety of our brand”


University training is one of the many companies that repeat themselves in obtaining the Informa-elEconomista certificate for excellence in management.

With more than 20 years of experience and with university training centers in Seville, Barcelona, ​​Madrid and the Canary Islands, more than 100,000 students trust them. Ignacio Campoy, CEO of University Training answers our questions:

What does your business do?

University training was born in Seville in 2001 as a private technical-professional training institution that offers its students a wide range of new technical-professional specialties that allow them to improve their level of knowledge and professionalism.

They are repeated in this new edition of the CIEGE. Why did they want to participate in the certification process again?

In university training, we value continuous improvement above all else and having the CIEGE certification, which accredits and confirms excellence in business management, confirms our commitment to quality and rigor in training. Continuing to have this certificate pushes us to continue on the path of innovation, growth and sustainability. It stimulates and aligns all employees of our institution towards the common cause, the satisfaction of all stakeholders.

How has the CIEGE certification benefited you?

It has benefited us to make visible to all our stakeholders the commitment to be a transparent, trustworthy, professional, quality-conscious and rigorous organization profile in procedures. On the other hand, it is a tool that helps us to assess our strengths and weaknesses from another point of view, considering new areas for improvement, new markets and new ways of offering our products and training services. The CIEGE certification reinforces the recognition of our brand, enhances our role in society as a whole.

How has the company evolved since last year’s edition?

We are immersed in the process of internationalizing part of our range of training services. In addition, we have launched an important portfolio of transversal training courses on soft skills, requested by companies from all sectors and with an agile, accessible and totally new format in the current educational field. We move at the pace our students need, anticipating labor market demands and trends.


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