University student hits the street with a sign asking people to connect him with Jeff Koinange Kenya News

  • A young man, Kevin Yator, took to the streets to plead with the public to help them connect with media personality Jeff Koinange
  • Yator, a sophomore at Zitech University, said he wanted the veteran journalist to help him with his tuition fees.
  • The daring young man has also urged audiences to support his musical career as he is also an aspiring artist.

A college student identified as Kevin Yator took to the streets with a sign calling on the public to put him in touch with media personality Jeff Koinange.

Citizen TV presenter Jeff Koinange whom Kevin Yatar seeks to meet. Photo: Jeff Koinange.
Source: UGC

The young man, a journalism student at Zitech University, said he had hoped to meet Koinange for so long.

Addressed exclusively to said, revealing that his main plea was to see the veteran journalist sponsor him to clear his backlog of college fees.

He also said his life took a different turn after his parents lost their respective jobs and could no longer meet his educational needs.

Here’s what Yator wrote on the sign:

“Please Kenyans help me reach my mentor, Jeff Koinange. The one I was looking for. So far I am a talented artist and journalism student. Please support my music video production and tuition fees. “

A man carrying a sign looking for a job is hired

In a separate article published on, Zachariah Murimi who had taken to the streets finally found a job.

Murimi took to the streets holding a sign asking supporters to help him by giving him a job in 2020.

He had a wife, a newborn, and no shelter. His mother had to put them up and that’s when highlighted his story which touched many.

”I’m looking for a job. Messenger / clerk / inventory etc, ” read his sign.

It was after this post shed light on his plight that he found a job and Murimi responded to say thank you.

“Thank you for sharing my story. I say thank you to those who wished me good luck. Sometimes we need help and when we are finally successful,” he said.



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